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Barely into this so not too much for me to say. The reviewer seems to be spot on given my limited overall knowledge of what I've seen.
I did get really frustrated with some minor bugs and the game waiting too long to explain how some of the things I was seeing worked or what they meant. There was
some help to be found on the game forum on Steam though. Clicking a lot caused some clarity as well using trial & error. This REALLY needs a pdf file for a manual.
Even this video was a bit helpful.
He mentioned the erratic quality of the voice acting and I have to agree. The protagonist (so far) kind of comes off as a bit of a doofus and not particularly likeable.
However, I must admit I do like what I've seen so far and the graphics are excellent. It is also easier to get around now that I am becoming more familiar with how things work.
Will I finish the game? Not likely. I can say that it is entertaining and borderline fun so this will be my go-to game for a while anyway.
If you are a veteran of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games or the Metro series you'll want to give this a serious look.
Better, much better. Not without its issues, but things are coming together nicely.
First the bad. Well, sorta bad. The crafting process is a bit of a nightmare. Maybe the most "clunky" and user unfriendly crafting process I've ever had to deal with.
It is almost a game within itself and I find I have a great deal of satisfaction when I have successfully found and crafted what I was looking to do. Did anyone actually play test this feature!?
Now the good. Chernobyl itself is cool and I'm really enjoying the graphics as I move around the map(s). There is soo much undergrowth that visibility is frequently poor. This, of course,
allows for jump scares and other things that go bump in the night.
I've finally managed to get an AK-47 and upgraded the crap out of it. It even has a 3-shot auto trigger. Haven't fired it yet but it's gotta be a hoot. Oh, it also has a thermal site. Hoo-rah!
I've only run into the occasional 2-3 man patrol and no monsters yet. There is always the ever present 800 Lb gorilla in the room, the Black Stalker. I know little about him other than to run
like hell whenever he's around. I think I may have to hit You Tube and find out what he's about.
Heading out. Gas mask on. Here we go again.