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Civilization VI


FGM Colour Sergeant
Dec 16, 2013
I need to preface this by admitting I am crap at 4x games. However, that doesn't mean I don't like 'em.
Civ VI has been on my wishlist for ages. It also has remained very popular so I keep looking at it.
Would like some input on playability. Your thoughts?

My favorite of the Civ. games is Civ 4. However I do own and have played Civ 6. IMO Its a good game and if you have the time / patience to learn it you'll probably enjoy it.
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FGM Colour Sergeant
Feb 13, 2021
Civ has come a long way since the very first one which I played to death and would scream when a hoplite would kill a battleship or tank unit. I have all of the version including the very first one as well as aftermarket books. Hoping one day they'll be worth something.

The latest incarnation Civ6 is a good game. I'm not crazy about the new art style though. Haven't played in a while. I have the base game and Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm DLC. Its a good game.

However there is a game-hyped as the Civ killer called Humankind. It was received with mixed reviews by players when it first came out. It has similarities to Civ, but also interesting differences. It also had issues with balance, pacing and other issues. Since then they've been ironed out and the game is shaping up as one that has great potential.

The combat system is more complicated and intricate that Civ and being you're a wargamer, that may be something that's important to you. Also the terrain is conductive to combat.

I played only a little when it first came out. I expected it would take a while to iron out issues and like most games it was probably released too early. Now that its had some updates and issues fixed its a good game. Amplitude who makes Humankind has a good track record and reputation for sticking with something and improving it.

There is going to be another big update soon. The naval part could use some fleshing out and I have no doubt Amplitude will do so.

Its worth taking a look...