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Classified France '44

This may be out in just a few months.
It looks like it will be a terrific WWII, turn-based, RPG game.
In fact, it looks like the just released JA3 except (maybe) even better.
The XCOM DNA is not likely accidental.
The trailer should be in the Steam link.
You don't need to bother..you are already in my game.
You are a corpsman, but also a bit of a psycho killer with that trench gun and arm strength for grenade tosses.

I've done 5-6 missions now and earned a 5-Star victory last time out. That earns max XP and supplies. Nice,
The better news is that I think I'm getting a clearer grip on this whole stealth thingie. You may recall that stealth (and repetitiveness) eventually
became a game killer with "Last Train Home." There is a lot of stealth in this game, but the UI is a lot more player friendly when it comes to being
and staying hidden. Stealth kills are a bit of a cat & mouse game which actually is quite a bit of fun. Some of the missions will be full stealth and
the next one will call for full "boom". That may stave off the repetitiveness and allow for longer game play.
There are many things to do outside of combat and I'm having a little difficulty with that. Mostly because I haven't advanced enough to get really
involved with that stuff. However, what I've seen from videos I am going to have to learn it and better sooner than later. Click on <patience> here.
Well, there I was all proud of myself about how I had now mastered stealth combat.
Left a guy open that I thought was hidden in some bushes. He got spotted and I
turned a relatively easy mission into a firefight. Got the main quest, but could only earn
3* for the effort.
Not totally my fault. The tactical screen is really "busy" with lots terrain stuff. I'd checked
when I moved him so to be sure he was hidden, but the brushes quit a square short from
what I thought I saw.
Hard lesson learned.
The Devs have this game set up so as soon as a player completes all the objectives in a mission and starts
to head for the exfil point he is vigorously pursued by new German reinforcements appearing on the map.
The important word there is vigorously. One of my guys took some hits while fleeing, and that plus a failed
minor objective left me with only another 3* victory.
The good news is that my next mission called for my team to hold off the enemy while protecting a truck
and two stacks of supplies. My guys sparkled in this one for an easy 5* win.
I've been short team members, but I did pick up one soldier in the 3* battle and am heading out to recruit
another on my next mission. At a minimum your team needs at least 7 and preferably 8. The game forces you
to rotate soldiers as they become fatigued -1 AP every battle and another AP if seriously wounded. This is the
first war game I've ever played that actually requires team rotation. Many games have tried to make this work,
but this is my first where it is effective and something the player has to seriously plan for and make this happen
to his benefit. IIRC X-COM2 did that pretty well too.
Another FGM member to be drafted into my band is @Meat Grinder. He is a leader who's
primary MOS is used to help our guys recover morale. He's just a few skill points short of having the ability to
show them video clips which will recover 100% of their morale in one turn. :ROFLMAO:
He also has the coolest looking kit.
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Things have been going along quite well. Just completed back to back L-3 (lethal) missions. That's the highest danger level there is.
Both earned my 5* victories, but lost a star due to an injured soldier. Another was injured in the 2nd mission, but I was not penalized
a * in that one. Am not going to try to figure out why.
I have another L3 mission next and no alternative choice. I really hope this is not a trend.
I think my success of late is due to my not making any careless movement errors. Those really hurt.
Here's my best sniper. He's rather dapper looking ain't 'e?

Just an FYI I am pleased to advise that so far the game has run flawlessly. No problems or bugs of any kind.
Have had some very minor graphics glitches early on that showed up about 3-4 times but resolved themselves after a couple of <clicks>.
Isn't it nice when a game isn't released too soon and maybe had some time spent w/quality control folks actually playing the game?.
Wouldn't you know it? :LOL: First time I say how bug free the game is and it just froze on me. C'est la vie.
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