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CMBN Round #3 Match Ups

Just viewed a few battles to see how things are going.

All I will say is that Navy arty can be a real killer if the American player can get it on a real Target.

Too bad , they might not know how much damage it is doing.

German Players should share with their opponant after their games are over if they had a event worth mourning about.
Game over between myself and @laurent22. That was one tough battle from the US perspective. Good game, Laurent, played at a decent turn rate.
I had not said yet, but since you asked.

The official date to be on time and to receive the bonus will be June 2.

We sill have plenty of games not to the half way mark, so I will be nice.

rank is rewarded for how many of the 5 matches you win per Our scoring system.

Metals are given for having the best score of all players for a battle.
1 match = Bronze star
2 matches = Silver star
3 matches = Medal of Honor

4 matches = you must be cheating or something
That was one tough battle from the US perspective. Good game, Laurent, played at a decent turn rate.

You say that, And you are the second game completed.

But looking at the results, I think you have a good chance to post a top half victory as the Americans.

But way to early to tell.

No question, as the Americans, there is nothing easy about the task on hand.
You done well. Great job with what you had at your disposal.

Couple of times I took my eye off the objectives, so had to dash in the last few minutes, missed one.
with your battle completed that gives us 4 battles done.

I can give you present standings on those 4 battles.

Best German Score : MeatEtr, then Bill

Best American Score: Raging AI, then Animander25

The Americans are hard pressed, but I will point out Raging AI did outscore the Germans in his battle.
I did have a brutal turn where I lost 4 tanks. So can certainly see its possible for the Allies, but odds are stacked against them. I'd say @Raging Al will probably have one of the top scores for sure. Well done! (y)