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Feb 3, 2016
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West Coast, USA
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Looking for an opponent for a large mirrored QB Probe. No Ladder. Iron setting. Light fog, patchy snow, December '44.

See pictures of map. It's a stock map I have expanded and modified to more closely reflect real world terrain. 1400m x 1600m

Standard rules: No pre-planned air/arty from defender, no purposeful targeting of attackers setup zones.

I enjoy balanced mix force purchases and more of a tactical game rather than the gamey bum rushing and blind/god targeting style of play, looking for an opponent who enjoys the same. I'd like to agree to follow some guidelines (not hard rules, there are too many variables and exceptions for that) that would limit the targeting of mortar and tank HE fire in close support roles unless the unit had actual knowledge of enemy positions. For example a very common tactic I see is a player setting up mortar/tank units on one central perch where they have the ability to give a target command to a large portion of the map. That's fine of course, but where it gets too gamey for me is when that players scout team 1000m away from the mortar/tank position detects a enemy units and then immediately the mortar/tank unit is issued a direct target command and blasts that enemy position, even though the units wouldn't have any clue what the scout team had just detected or any clue about where or how close friendly units were to where they were firing HE rounds. Another common thing I see is players using mortar/tank units to fire in extreme danger close support to their friendly troops, like medium mortars or tanks setup 1000m away (with no knowledge of what is going on) being targeted as close as 20m to friendly units during an assault. That style is just too gamey for my enjoyment, I enjoy the challenge of using my force as a structured fighting force and not just game pieces. It's more challenging for sure, but also more rewarding.

So guidelines such as: units would need to have a contact spotting icon of enemy troops before direct targeting them in any close support situation. Players would also agree to observe some limits on how close HE could be targeted to friendly forces (just like in the real world). If the mortar team/tank was in direct communication with the assault or scout team, then of course their fire could be directed quicker and closer because knowledge of the enemy position would be able to be communicated more timely. This is meant to make players command their forces more in line with real tactics than with some of the more far-fetched styles the game allows.

If you're the type of person who would enjoy a more realistic and challenging game let me know. We can come to a consensus before we begin. Looking for an honest player also, since these are guidelines not hard rules, it would be up to the individual player to make their own judgements.

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