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CMSF Round #4

That map is nice, a lot of love and effort in it. Its not mine.

I pulled it from somehwere, but agree., it is well done.

The only maps I am proud of that I have done, generally are ones for official scenarios I have created for BF.
and even then, only a few of them. Some are nothing special.

But some maps in these tournaments are mine, some are copied from somewhere and modified, some are just copied.

Round 3 map was mine. (all dessert, good easy map to make)
A question was asked:

Quick question for you: do we get points for exiting the special forces troops, or keeping them alive? It’s not really clear from the briefing.


You just need to keep them alive, there is no exit area.

But for the Dutch the enemy is generally to the North, the friendlies are to the South, moving south might be a good thing, it might be a bad thing.
OT but true story: Rob Zombie filed noise complaints against his neighbor in Connecticut!!