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CMSF2 Urban Combat Scenario - Into the Heart of Darkness - Feedback wanted!


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Oct 5, 2023
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Sydney, Australia
Hi everyone,

I've created small urban scenario for SF2 called 'Into the Heart of Darkness'.
This is my first foray into scenario design. Please have a crack at the battle and let me know what you think. Good, bad, ugly - I'd appreciate any feedback! If everything goes well, I'd hope to upload it to the FGM scenarios in the future.

Map design, unit composition etc. are entirely fictional - pure products of my imagination.

The scenario:
Blue vs. AI only at this point. A USMC infantry company supported by a single M1 Abrams must capture a series of locations as part of the urban fighting in Hama. In their way stand a mix of local irregulars, backed up by Syrian Army and Republican Guard stragglers.

The scenario is set at night, so the Marines will enjoy a significant advantage due to their night fighting capability. However, once the tracers and RPG's start flying and positions are revealed, expect others to join in rapidly!

I've set pretty basic victory points based on capture locations and friendly casualties - The goal as Marines is to complete the mission with minimal casualties.
The Marine force is superior to the Syrians in every way, so I wanted to make the challenge about winning with fairly tight casualty limits.

I thought I'd be best of starting out with a small, company-level scenario. Ever since reading about the 2004 Battle of Fallujah and Marines going house to house, I was curious about playing out a similar scenario in SF2.

Dropbox link below: (Please let me know if something doesn't work!)

Thanks and enjoy!