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Combat Mission Cold War - beta DAR's

But is it a tutorial in how to win or how to be beaten? That is the question!! ;)
Win or lose, it aptly showcases several NATO guidelines to use for pre-battle assessments and operations planning. (y)
I'm actually quite enamored with The Capt's 'back-of-napkin' gameplan/artwork..... :p
Me too! As well as his situational assessments! :love:

Bil Hardenberger

FGM New Member
May 4, 2019
Fredericksburg, VA
This game is heating up dramatically... I recommend you revisit the threads to catch up if you haven't been paying attention!


@Gnarly , heh.. yeah my planning might be a recipe for disaster, one never knows until they try. I am out gunned, but holding my own so far I think. I am really looking forward to reading The_Capt's thread and see those back of the napkin art. :)