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Combat Mission: Fall of the 3rd Reich - ROUND 1 (concluded)


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Apr 16, 2013
Blue Point NY USA
OK, this is what I have so far:

Latest result from the Normandy front -- 21st Army Group has captured CAEN.

That completes 9 out of the 10 battles of Round 1 -- well done all.

Everything's ready to kick off Round 2, but we have to wait for completion of the US 7th Army battle which might take two more weeks at least -- so hang tight and we'll resume asap.
(it's like the Panzer spearheads waiting for the footslogging infantry to catch up) :2charge:

Fall 3rd Reich Round 1h.jpg
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News from southern France -- Germans hold off the US 7th ARMY attack at ANVIL.

This concludes ROUND 1 of the tourney. Six of the ten fronts managed to advance.

We move on to ROUND 2 where the battle will be a Meeting Engagement and the first Axis counterattack of the tourney is launched.

Fall 3rd Reich Round 1i.jpg
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