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Combat Mission Tourney: Fall of the 3rd Reich - Intro

Fall Of The 3rd Reich is a tournament for TEN players (all players need to have ALL the CMBN and CMFI modules and CMRT -- Fire & Rubble might be added later if it comes out in time)

The concept is simple: each player is assigned by draw (or picks if he has a preference) an ALLIED ARMY TRACK to fight his way into the Reich, via a series of small QB's, to be the first to reach their objective square ahead any of their rival Allied armies.

There are FOUR Soviet , FOUR American and TWO British Army/Army Group tracks.
(several of these are multi-national, and have Canadians and Commonwealth and possibly Free French forces available)

A Tactical/Major/Total Victory will capture a square and allow an advance to the next square in the next round -- any result below that and you stand still and have to refight for control of the square.

It will take FIVE clear victories to get to your final objective.


(map with sample play - Soviet SOUTHERN FRONT being counter-attacked by Germans) -- the Star counters indicate ownership of a square, Tank counters indicate squares being fought over)
NOTE: the names on the squares are there just for flavour as geographical area way stations -- I could've numbered them as well -- thought this way was more interesting)

BATTLES will alternate between Meeting Engagement and Probe QB battles -- all on small maps with 30 turns.

Each turn the GM's will issue a fresh CBMN, CMRT and CMFI QB map to use in that round by ALL armies in that respective sector.
So each round, all CMBN players will use the same map, all CMRT players use the same map and so forth.


Every round, each of the players is also assigned a battle to play as an AXIS commander against one of their rival ALLIED commanders -- to slow their advance into the Reich and stop them hogging all the glory!

That means, each round players will be playing TWO battles -- one as Allies to advance on their track -- and one as Axis to stymy one of their rivals.

From Round 2 onwards, the Germans will launch ONE counter-attack against the furthest advanced track (or a randomly drawn GM choice if there are several tracks in the lead)
If the Axis attack is successful, the Allied player will get knocked back one square.
If the Axis attack fails, the Allied player holds on to that square and can advance again in the next round.

No track can be counter-attacked in consecutive turns, so next turn a different track will be counter-attacked.

The Axis counter-attack will use the same map as the other battles on that track (in case of a Probe, just with reversed set up)

WINNER is the player that reaches and captures their objective square first is the winner -- we might have several players share the winners' podium in this one.

1. Players need to have ALL the CMBN, CMFI and CMRT modules
2. Only dedicated players with good, quick turn rates and capacity to play TWO simultaneous QB's need apply. We are likely looking at 4 weeks per round maximum.
3. Players also need to be communicative in case of RL problems slowing down play etc

4. Posting of screenshots, smack talk and shameless propaganda will be most encouraged!

I will post (with @Gunner 's input) detailed participation rules for in case of slow play and drop-outs.
I always miss these things when they kick off.
Hey @Rico you need a hand GM-ing this?

Thanks for offering @Nathangun -- so far all under control -- not a lot of GM work involved -- and have @Gunner herding the gamers and doing tourney bouncer duty :)

If run into hassles with the QB maps might give you a shout :)