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Combat Mission - Trickey Triggers (or Getting on the Right Side of Triggers)


FGM Colour Sergeant
Apr 19, 2021
London Ontario Canada
Designing scenario Terrain Objective 'Triggers' can be trickey. Once you know how, it's not trickey at all. The trick or problem is really the inadequate description in the game manual. Here is an example of Triggers gone wrong. I created Terrain Objectives for the American player's side including Triggers to be activated when an American unit enters or crosses them. The units to be activated are German A.I. responders. (Note: triggers are designed to ONLY activate A.I. units, never player units). Next I play tested my scenario in 'scenario designer's' mode and ... nothing happened - no German A.I. response when my player American units entered a trigger zone. So what went wrong? What the manual fails to mention is that triggers must created on the A.I. side of the selection panel. To be specific, if I want to trigger a German A.I. action in response to an American player move, then I have to create a "German A.I. terrain objective 'triggered by enemy'" on the GERMAN (A.I.) side of the selection panel. Ta-Daaaa! Problem solved.
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