Email Notification Issues



I have been speaking to Xenforo and Fasthosts staff to try and identify the problem. Bear with me.

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Can I just say "BRAVO", "WELL DONE", "I SAY!", "SH1T!", "wtf",

My : Possibly one of THE best IT support response messages <engage Clarkson mode> "IN THE WORLD!!"

I think Ive fixed it... after 2 hours. Let me know of any ongoing issues. :(
Excellent update message, clear, consise, passive-aggressive, but mildly friendly, informative.
ehhhh! mildly abrupt but makes clear that user might not be a complete idiot whilst also informing them that IT is BUSY, has a life, and other priorities in life possibly including personal relationships, fun and maybe happiness (in your dreams :mad:)

In Conclusion (Oh Yes PLEASE!!)
Thank YOU @Bootie (and the under minions :cool:) for all the time you put into running this site, I (WE) appreciate it and admire your enthusiasm, humour and tolerance that makes this one of the best care homes on the internet (WHAT! no really it's a pleasure).