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Falaise's 22.5 degree Roads - bug fix for Holland


FGM Sergeant
Apr 19, 2021
London Ontario Canada
Falaise's great 22.5 degree roads (remapped Road3 - Highway tiles) show up without a problem when used to create scenarios in France. But they refuse to show up in scenarios in the Netherlands. After grappling with this problem for three days I finally stumbled upon the solution. By adding the mod tag [holland] to the 22.5 degree road tiles, the problem is solved. At first I did not notice that the problem was a difference of 'location', i.e. France vs Holland. I suspect that there is a hidden mod-tag burried in the code that forces the default highway tile to be used in [holland]. I ran into a similar problem with the .mdr file for independent house 000 when reskinning it for the Netherlands. It refused to accept the new skin until I made a copy of the .mdr file with the mod tag [holland]. All very strange. Now I can get on with my scenario creation again. :)