FGM Game Ownership Census (thing)


Nov 28, 2011
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<Sigh> All my cheeky back room testing seems to have been spotted by some of you. :p

When we switched the ladder over to the ELO system the other year we lost intel on what you guys actually owned from the Combat Mission library. We can take educated guesses but that adds in a bit of guess work when someone wants to run a campaign/tournament.

So to remedy that I've set up a form on the forums for each of you to fill out. It's all nice and easy with checkboxes for every content based release from BF in the CM2 era, (excluding mission packs). If everyone could take 30 seconds and fill it out it would be appreciated. Please only fill out the form once. The idea is to run this at the start of each year with a clean slate so everyone can update what they own. I've added an option for Rome to Victory for CMFI and the CMSF2 upgrade given they are 'just around the corner.'

If our official new member greeters could also point the newbies to the form it would be appreciated.

We get two things out of this:
1) Ithikial plays 'Big Brother' with your data and preps some pretty tables/graphs for the admin team to help them make decisions.
2) The new forum that's just opened up (that you shouldn't be able to post/reply to) acts as a one stop shop to search for an opponent. Just search by user name in this forum only and or base game (using the acronym) and a list of eligible members should come up.


The form: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/form/fgm-combat-mission-ownership-census-2018.2/select

The new forum: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/forums/the-fgm-membership-game-ownership.440/

Q: What happens when Battlefront releases something new?
A: I'll add a checkbox to the form.

Q: What about non-Battlefront games?
A: Let's keep it simple at first. If there's a core group playing another game and you want to find like minded members then let me know.

Q: Will Kate Upton/Taylor Swift personally contact me after filling out this form?
A: Uh... yeah of course.