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Field of Glory II: Medieval - Summer Tournament 28-July-2022


One of the Few
Check out the Slitherine Tournaments Page
Anyone who has Field of Glory II Medieval can enter. You do not need to own any DLCs to enter.

The first round will commence on Thursday 28th July 2022 at 10.00 am GMT. No further entries can be accepted after the tournament has begun.
This tournament will involve three rounds. Each round will last 14 days. The battles will be Medium sized custom battles:
  • Morocco 1415 AD: Portuguese 1400-1500 vs Berber (Marinid) 1320-1465. Open Battle. Mediterranean Agricultural.
  • Bohemia 1434 AD: Hussite (Taborite) 1419-1434 vs Hussite (Utraquist) 1419-1479. Open Battle. North European Agricultural.
  • Kingdom of Naples 1442: Aragonese 1400-1449 vs Neapolitan 1400-1442. Open Battle. Mediterranean Agricultural.
Games are paired, so each match-up will be played both ways. Each player will be able to choose his forces using the normal force selection system. In each round, all players will be playing on the same randomly generated map for both games.

First round pairings will be selected randomly, subsequent rounds using the Swiss Chess system. Nobody will play the same opponent in more than one round.