First Into Antwerp - First Impressions


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Apr 19, 2021
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London Ontario Canada
First Into Antwerp is the creation of 'Ross T'. My first impression in one word ... AMAZING!
The first scenario is played on a largish map with a small to moderate sized mixed force. Exactly my kind of 'flavour'. The force size to map size relationship allows for a bit of maneuvring. In other words this is not a line 'em up and charge straight ahead scenario in the vein of many miniature games I have played in the past.
The scenario briefing is wonderfully immersive and the depth of historical research feels thorough (I had to say 'feels' cuz I'm no expert in this campaign).
The size and appearance of the map show that Ross T put in hours of work in its creation. The countryside looks very 'Dutch', i.e. 'flat' and is crossed by the relevant waterways. I referred to it being 'Dutch' for a few reasons. The first being that the location parameter is [Holland] and portions of the scenario run through the Netherlands and portions run through 'Flemish' Belgium. My mods collection includes my own [holland] mod-tagged reskinned all-brick houses with the frequent Dutch green / white/ red colour combinations of shutters and doors. The scenario called these successfully and made it look even better.

I played the scenario twice, the second time because I accidentally pressed the wrong on-screen button to continue the game and wound up ending the campaign the first time. In that first engagement I achieved only a 'Draw' due to making a newbie tactical booboo. I won't give it away, no reveals in this scenario. Now to scenario two - an 8 km bloody straight highway!

Overall rating 5:5. I strongly encourage CMBN fans to have a go at this one and send the author a big 'Thank You'.
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