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Re: French/Belgian/Dutch

French Shermans
Re: French/Belgian/Dutch

French troops setting barricades in Paris in case of an upcoming Nazi German invasion (May 1940). Screenhot taken from the 1943 United States Army propaganda film Divide and Conquer (Why We Fight #3) directed by Frank Capra and partially based on, news archives, animations, restaged scenes and captured propaganda material from both sides.

Re: French/Belgian/Dutch

Incidentally, the easiest way to tell the Hotchkiss series and the Renault R-35 apart is that the Hotchkiss has 3 pairs of bogeys each side, but the Renault only has 2 and a half (compare pics below)
Both tanks had the same 37mm gun and about the same armour, but later the Hotchkiss began to be fitted with a more powerful 37.
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