Hard West 2

Don't know why it's taken me so long to get around to this, but finally loaded it up this evening.
Looks to be more of the same. That should be a very good thing indeed!
I think I'm going to drop the difficulty level down to moron though. At least for a while as I remember just
how tough it was in the first game. Seems one can change the difficulty level any time so lets see how it goes.
I mean I bet fighting devils is not going to be any easier than the original.
It seems there is no defensive fire in 2 which is a bit odd. Hmm. One must be prepared to adjust in the Hard West.
OK, just spent another couple of hours and pleased to report that the tutorial is excellent.
I'm already feeling very comfortable with the game play. So much so that I've cranked it back
up to "normal" difficulty w/o any problems.
This game gives you a LOT to do besides just shooting bad guys and it is all very interesting.
Yep. "mTk Seal of Approval" here. Just like the first one.
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