Help I need play-testers



Hi all,

I've created my first ever CM:BN scenarios to be put together as a campaign however I'm in need of play testers to give feedback before I have the finished product. I've asked over at the battlefront forums but not had too much back in regards to interest, albeit for a couple of people whom I'm very much thankful for, although i could do with some more reviewing the scenarios - ideally all of them.

For anyone that is interested, I've based the campaign around the latter stages of Operation Undergo: The Canadian attack against Cap Gris-Nez in September of 1944. Player Can vs. Ger AI. There are 10 battles in total, set across a broad range of map sizes, mostly medium, battle size around company level. Rather than compile the scenarios into the campaign file I have kept them all individual for now so that if i need to make changes is a little easier to do per scenario.

I would be truly grateful if anyone is able to help. For clarification, the Vehicle Pack, Market Garden and Commonwealth Forces packs will be required to play this.

The files are uploaded onto a shared drop box space so are easy to access - If anyone is interested please let me know and I can send you the link to it. There is also a readme file included explaining a little more.

Any questions you may have I'd be happy to answer :).

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