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Hi, thanks for having me.

Started playing CMBO 19 years ago. I was looking for a good WWII game and all the ones I tried seemed a bit rubbish (apart, to be fair, from Close Combat). Saw CMBO in a shop several times and read the back of the box. Clunky graphics and some bizarre real-time/turn-based system. Didn't sound good.

Then found the demo on one of those disks that came with PC Gamer.

And I played it over and over again. I was even charmed by the graphics. Very quickly, I was addicted.

In the intervening decades, I've spent more time playing Combat Mission than any other games added together.

Stopped a few years ago due to pressure of work. Recently returned. So much more content these days and I want to play it all.

Someone at Battlefront recommended I join here.
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Big welcome to the Club @John1966 The Few Good Men are welcoming you!.... You will find a lot of interesting people here
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