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[holland] mod-tagged houses progress report


FGM Sergeant
Apr 19, 2021
London Ontario Canada
Attached is a screen shot of my progress with reskinning CMBN independent buildings (houses) to represent Dutch village houses. Each of the series (e.g. 000, 001, etc) has been numbered (00) and (01) and a few (02) (03). The (00) and (01) will be installable without disturbing any other installation because all are mod-tagged [holland]. The (00) and (01) should show up automatically since the default CMBN game only uses those two numbers. For higher numbered houses to show up, the scenario designer will have to have included them.
I ran into a minor issue when I tried them in a few existing scenarios - they didn't show up! How is this minor? Well, it appears that the original scenario designers used 'modular' buildings since the orignals of these have more 'brick' facades which is very N.B. in the Netherlands. That means that after I complete my buildings, I will go into all of Battlefront's Netherland's scenarios and replace the modular buildings with Independent Buildings -houses, to make the scenarios look more Dutch.
I took a few Google Maps ground level walkabouts to have a look at the various brick types and colours in the Netherlands, concentrating on pre-WW2 buildings. I am using that to vary the colour and texture on the buildings. It was also notable, that Dutch houses, especially in villages tend to be of a size best matched to CMBN houses #003, 004 and 008.
Taking a break for a bit, cuz digital bricklaying and matching skins to models gets a bit .... boring.
Acknowledgments: The road and sidewalk pavers are Juju Grootjan's Holland City Roads available on either Green as Jade's site or here at FGM.


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