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Idea for new Scenario and possibly a later mini non linear Campaign



Good afternoon,

So I am in the process of finishing up my first scenario. Decided to start researching what I am going to do next and just did some piddling around on Wikipedia looking at operations in Helmand Province Afghanistan between 08-09. Found some interesting material there. Operations Asada Wosa, Khanjar, Roadhouse, and Godfather. Not all of these may be feasible scenarios but Asada Wosa certainly is, and would be a joint operation between elements of UK 3bn/16 Air Assault and US 1bn/6MEU. Finding any specifics of the Operations has been fairly difficult so far, but have determined where the US Marines and Brit Paras would have deployed from, so its a start! Have attached a screen of the area I am looking at on Google Earth, will be a while before I have a map ready since much more research must be done, and I want to really finish and publish the other first.


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