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Introduction for using the Military Marches and Marching Songs Section


FGM Major
Nov 7, 2009
Dear Gents,

Especially for the german part of the marches and marching songs I make/made a system for the titles. In the following the first steps to find what You search. Every song title will follow that pattern:

Army - title in original language.../title in english language... (I apologize for my still lacking English but hope You will understand nevertheless!)

For example: WM - Hinter den Bergen strahlet die Sonne.../Behind the mountains the sun is shining...

WM = WEHRMACHT (means a song used by all parts of the Wehrmacht and SS)
SS = SCHUTZSTAFFEL (means a song mainly used of the SS)
RW = REICHSWEHR (means the song was sung already before the Second World War)
FJ = FALLSCHIRMJÄGER (means a song especially written for the german paratroopers or at least mainly used of them)
GJ = GEBIRGSJÄGER (means a song especially written for the german mountain infantry or at least mainly used of them)
KM = KRIEGSMARINE (means a song especially written for the german navy or at least mainly used of them)
NVA = NATIONALE VOLKSARMEE (means a song of the east german army)
VL = VOLKSLIED (Folksong used and sung by army branches to "all times")
RF = ROTFRONT (song of the workers with socialistic and/or communistic background)
DSKR = DEUTSCHE SPANIENKÄMPFER (Republik) = (song of soldiers who fought against Franco)
LKL = LANDSKNECHTSLIEDER (songs of the lansquenets)
SA = STURMABTEILUNG (songs of the fighting forces of the NSDAP)

I make it the best I can but I can´t guarantee my infos are always exact.

Happy searching, mates! :)