ITALIAN WARS - FOG Medieval Mini Campaign?

Enjoying the current simple, mini campaign format we’ve been playing.

Anyone keen in playing in a 5 Turn simple campaign, loosely set in the ITALIAN WARS of 1494 - 1498?

It would use the FOG Medieval "Rise of the Swiss" DLC.
So it's Swiss pikes, men at arms, early cannon, halberdiers etc...

Very simple rules very similar to the "Roman Civil Wars" and "The King is Dead" campaigns.

This time there's no external invaders like Barbarians or Vikings...

Six factions (could be one or two player teams)
1. Kingdom of France
2. Republic of Venice
3. Duchy of Milan
4. Republic of Florence
5. Papal states
6. Kingdom of Naples

I've simplified my Italian Wars campaign map (there is still a proper, detailed campaign for that using Little Wars TV campaign rules in the works for later in the year)

Italian Wars XX Mini2.jpg

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