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King Of The Hill - Round 13

Welcome to lucky Round 13 of King Of The Hill!

@Stafford is back as reigning king after knocking @MeatEtr off the royal upholstery last round. ALL HAIL KING STAFFORD!!

Meanwhile... challanger @WinOrLose is sharpening his dagger...

KOH Round 013d.jpg



@Stafford vs @WinOrLose

Middle Tier:

@Hohenfels vs @Paleolithic Monk

Bottom Tier:

1. @MeatEtr vs @Redwolf

2. @OnePingOnly vs @eniced73







1. @fivefivesix - 0 successful throne defence - 1 point
2. @A Canadian Cat - 3 successful throne defences - 8 points
3. @Jolly Olly - 0 successful throne defence - 1 point
4. @Stafford - 1 successful throne defence - 3 pts
5. @Hohenfels - 0 successful throne defences - 1 point
6. @MeatEtr - 0 successful throne defence - 1 point



CM Normandy 2021-11-20 09-26-36-731.jpg

This round it's back to old school CMBN -- "If you go out in the woods today you're..." likely to run into some Waffen SS armoured recon. Each side has platoon of SPW-250/9's recon halftracks with a pair of Pumas thrown in for support... all skulking around on a 'bumpy' wooded map.
There is only one large central objective... so casualties will play a large role in this one -- so get up close and personal!

Download file below -- pick a side and set it up -- we'll slot new players in as they sign up.


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@Redwolf and I banged this one out in record time! This was fairly close up until like the last 5 turns or so. Thanks for the game! Hell next time we outta just play TCP directly! ;)

I'm still waiting to hear from @Hohenfels. He has not responded to DM's or been on the forums.
I'm pending 2 matches with him now. From my other post, I hope everything is good.
I see @Hohenfels hasn’t been on FGM since Nov 18 — hope there’s nothing wrong.

As to this tourney - if he doesn’t show before the other battles complete, you’ll get a bye into next round.