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Knights for Sale

I became enamored with these Collectible knights when I first started playing FoG II.
While I am a terrible photographer the pics are good enough to show the exquisite painting. Looking at them now I am still in awe.
However, I have a problem. I need more shelf space. I'm getting (for Christmas) 5-6 mini rifle replica models (plus gun rack) that I am
going to need to put somewhere. I want to make sure these neat pieces get a good home.
There are 5 mounted knights and 2 on foot that fit on the horses as well. And, I'll throw in 2 Roman Legionnaires as an incentive. One of
them wears the Centurion crest.
I've forgotten how much I spent on them, but I'm thinking $15 for dismounted and $30 mounted.
I'll send them all to you for your address and $100. PayPal preferred. A cheque is fine otherwise.