LONG LIVE THE KING! - Field Of Glory II Medieval - Campaign RULES


This is a fun/quick Field of Glory II Medieval campaign set in a fictional war in the late 12th/early 13th Century for control over the Kingdom of France with four factions: King of England, King of France, Duke of Burgundy and the Count of Toulouse.

It's run over 8 game turns -- two turns representing the campaigning season of a year of the conflict which extends over four years.
At the end of TURN 8, the faction with most points wins. (see SCORING below)

Each faction starts with a HOME province and THREE vassal territories under their control.

Kingdom of ENGLAND has FOUR territories in France plus the home province in England.


The following army lists will be used in the FOG II Medieval Battles:

King of England: English 1155-1271

King of France: French 1155 - 1319

Duke of Burgundy: German (Northwest) 1200 - 1319

Count of Toulouse: Bretons 1155 - 1319

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All factions issue attack orders simultaneously by the faction commanders and the GM will play them out. (If I participate as a CO, I will lock in my orders before the other faction commanders issue theirs)

Factions spend INITIATIVE POINTS to launch attacks to capture enemy territories.

1. Ordinary territory: 1 IP
2. Faction Home Province: 2 IP
3. Invade England: 3 IP

Each faction starts the campaign with ONE initiative point.

INITIATIVE POINTS are earned in two ways:

1. Winning a battle (either attack or defence)

2. If a faction has NO INIATIVE point, it can gain 1 IP if it spends one complete turn not fighting any battles. (it can only gain a maximum of ONE initiative point at a time this way)

NOTE: All factions are limited to holding a MAXIMUM of THREE Initiative points at any time, regardless of any extra victories achieved.

Attacks are resolved in Field of Glory II in standard Medium skirmish battles of 24 turns. (the attacker sets up the Challenge -- details to follow once I can see the set up and army lists)

The faction COMMANDER decides which enemy territory to attack and from which friendly territory.

NOTE: Attacks can only launched from friendly territories that are linked to the HOME province. (so, if KING OF ENGLAND faction lose Normandy and Brittany, they can ONLY attack from ENGLAND to regain contact with their continental possessions)

Only ONE battle can be fought in a territory at a time in the same round.

If two opposing sides launch attacks simultaneously between two territories (see example below) -- a Meeting Battle is fought on "the border".

FOG II medieval sim battle.jpg

The winner of this battle then has the option to either continue the fight next turn in the opposing territory, or take the Initiative Point for the victory and attack somewhere else in the next turn.

If two factions launch simultaneous attacks into the same third part enemy territory, then the GM rolls a die to see which side has "stolen the march".
The other battle is cancelled and the Initiative Point returned to the factions

Any level victory results in the winner capturing the attacked province.
Defenders winning their battles earn ONE Initiative Point.

If the battle runs out of time and reaches the TURN limit, it is considered a DRAW and the territory is considered CONTESTED and another battle is fought in the same area in the next turn to break the deadlock (neither side gains an Initiative Point until the battle is resolved)

If a faction loses it's Home Province, it can declare any other territory under it's current control as it's EXILE Home Province and continue the fight (it will however not score the same points as the original Home Province or have the 2 IP attack cost)

At the end of TURN 8 we do the final scoring.
Each factions earns points for territories controlled:
3 points for the own home province
2 points per own starting territory
1 point per enemy territory
2 points per enemy home territory

Alliances, non-aggression pacts and stabs in the back are actively encouraged.
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