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More Scenario Fixing Obsession.


FGM Sergeant
Apr 19, 2021
London Ontario Canada
I have been working with CM's scenario editor to 'try' to make a number of scenarios more H2H friendly (or balanced). Whether or not I have succeeded will be for players to judge. These include the following which will be posted in the Scenario section over the next few days.
CMBN - Breakout - off-map sections added to provide multiple entry choices for both players creating less predictability.
CMBN - A Man Can Die But Once - doors and windows removed from walls shared by adjacent buildings
CMFB - Chaos at Ferme Diedienhove - American deployment areas expanded slightly to 'unstick' American 'fixed' units. Nothing else changed.
CMRT - Antonov - terrain reworked to make it more interesting. Russians arrive as reinforcements and not en masse. The original 13 T34-85 vs 2 Pzkw IV, 1 PzKw VI, 1 Stug and 2 Pak40 has not been changed.
CMRT - The Passage - New victory conditions - Russians must exit opposite side. Terrain modified. Germans side has a ridge not a slope. The 15 T-34 85 vs 7 PzKw IV 75 has not been changed. So we'll see if the revision is adequate for balance or not.
CMRT - Bonfire of the NKVD - Special rules for wire and wire reduced. Original did not compensate for how CM handles wire when converting a boardgame scenario to CM.

Work in Progress - Jarl is playhing through Shanley at Hill 30 with me and once that is debugged it will be added to the list.