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[Movie] The Messenger

I'm rewatching this movie for, I think, the 4th time? It has one of my favorite actresses, Milla Jovovich, as Joan of Arc. While she went on to fame and fortune in the Resident Evil series she has been in a lot of other very good movies.
Here's the Wiki link for the list. It is very impressive and lots of good stuff there if you are not particularly familiar with her.
The Messenger was the first time (1999) I saw her and was stunned, at that age, how good she was in this role. The movie has help. The cast includes John Malkovich as Charles VII of France along with Faye Dunaway and Dustin Hoffman
to name a couple. Of course, Malkovich steals every scene he's in, but Milla holds her own just fine. It is an emotional roller coaster and, of course, it does not have a happy ending. Damn that history thingie anyway! And just when it starts
to get a bit preachy (pun intended)..here come the battles!! And very good ones at that.
The full movie is available on You Tube. For better resolution you'll need to go elsewhere. I suspect it is easy to find.
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