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[Movie] The Outpost (2020) -Netflix

Bad guys attack a U.S. outpost in Afghanistan! (yawn) Yeah, certainly nothing new here. Actually, for the genre there is.
"And what is that, mTk?" Good acting. Cast is led by Orlando Bloom (whom I did not recognize). The rest of the guys are not the standard bunch of B-movie rejects.
They all come across as completely believable. What a nice change that is/was.
The direction I thought was excellent. Gives it a "Black Hawk Down" vibe. And that's a very good thing indeed.
I was just very pleasantly surprised with the whole production and am pretty sure you'll agree.
Oh, this is based on a real fire fight so there's that. Two Medals of Honor awarded.
Here's the book by Jack Tapper on Amz re Combat Outpost Keating.
Battle of Kamdesh - Wiki
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FGM Colour Sergeant
Nov 17, 2018
Martinsburg, WV
Caught this last night
Yes it could very well have been a hack job set in any conflict from WW2 on with typical stereotypes in the roles.
But I was pleasantly surprised at the acting and production.
I agree it does have a 'Black Hawk Down' vibe to it which isnt a bad thing