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mTk's Humor Strikes Again. You've Been Warned!



FGM Major
May 11, 2013
Heart of America
I suppose I could worm my way into this topic, but hey, I'd rather fly to a fishin' thread. But for you rooks that might finder yourselves out of your depth, I'll spoon it to you. No sense trolling my responses, I'll just cast them right at ya'. I won't stringer you along, as there is no net gain doing it that way. You just have to hook your audience so they can be reeled in. Then once you have them, you can dance a little jiggin'. You just need to know that to speak in puns means you have to be in seine.
Check out the boobies...er, boo-bees.

If you're ever feeling stupid, just remember: At least you're not "Fill a plastic bag with gas" stupid!
The pharmacy will look you straight in the eye, with no line of people behind you, and tell you that
it will be 15-20, minutes for them to take some eye drops off the shelf behind them and put them in a little bag.
In the 1980's, A&W tried to compete with McDonald's Quarter Pounder by selling a 1/3 of a pound burger at a lower cost.
The product failed because most customers thought the 1/4 pounder was bigger. (sigh)