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FGM Company Sergeant Major
Mar 1, 2017
Winner Nemesis

Loser Titan

Was The Result A Draw? No

Combat Mission Version CMFB

Comments I responded to Titan's "Heavy Hitter" challenge thread. I decided to go armor heavy (1 armored company) on this large and open map that had 3 minor VLs and 1 major VL. Supporting my armor were 2 companies of crack American riflemen armed with 60mm mortars and a few bazookas.

My armor moved into over-watch positions. Right off the bat, my tanks saw a foxhole or two and shelled them to good effect. My infantry also formed into two columns that were each charged with capturing 2 VLs.

Titan engaged the scouts at the head of the infantry column with sniper, mortar, and HMG fire. My over-watching armor returned fire and quickly established overwhelming fire superiority. Nonetheless, my infantry ultimately lost 25% of its strength mostly due to heavy mortar and sniper fire. However, Titan's infantry lost nearly half of its strength to my armored counter fire and mortars.

The map provided ample opportunity for Titan to pull back into reverse slope positions that were shielded from my armor. I was somewhat surprised that he did not do this as Titan was extremely well equipped for close combat with both armor and infantry. Indeed, Titan had 5 platoons of experienced infantry that were liberally armed with automatic weapons (Gerbisjaegers and Strum troopers) and Panzerfausts. Titan was also configured for heavy AT defense with 2 Panthers, 1 Puma, 2 PAK 40s and 5 Panzerschreks. I managed to ID most of these assets and put some of them under effective fire. One Panther was trapped on a map edge as he could not move far without coming under 105mm, 75mm, 76mm and 90mm AT fire from 5 different vehicles. Titan wisely chose to keep this vehicle under cover. However, this Panther was over watching a valley that I had to move lots of men and machines across, so I would periodically blind the Panther with smoke so that my men could move. Thus, a rifle company and six tanks were able to cross the valley right underneath a Panther's nose. It turns out that a PAK 40 that I did not see was also blinded by my smoke.

My armor also put heavy machine gun fire and HE into suspected enemy locations in the VLs. Numerous buildings were blasted and some knocked down. The 105mm Shermans were particularly effective in this role. I planned to expend much of my tank ammunition at long range before moving my armor in close.

I managed to capture one VL (all except for a known pair of stragglers that was hiding in a tiny house that was protected by a distant Panther) and was working on capturing VL number 2 which was defended by the shattered remnants of a rifle platoon and was down to less than squad strength. VLs 3 and 4 were also now over-watched by my advancing armor.

Seeing this, Titan surrendered. 87 of my 338 attackers were KIA/WIA and 1 75mm Sherman tank was lost to a Panther. In return, Titan's defenders lost 141 KIA/WIA and 1 MIA. The MIA soldier was joined by 183 of Titan's men in the POW pens after he surrendered.
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