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FGM Company Sergeant Major
Mar 1, 2017
Winner Nemesis

Loser Titan

Was The Result A Draw? No

Combat Mission Version CMFB

Comments Game 2 of my mirror match with Titan. I responded to Titan's "Bring Me More Scalps" challenge.

Titan attacked my Germans with a complete battalion of Americans supported by 5 tanks (1 Jackson, 1 Stuart, 2 76mm Shermans, and a 105mm Sherman), a 155mm battery, several snipers, and an M20 scout car. Titan had a strange mix of crack and regular troops. I defended with 4 Panthers and a pair of German infantry companies.

I defended my 4 objectives with a reverse slope defense hiding behind hills, hedges, and buildings. I was almost completely shielded from direct fire. Nonetheless, my game got off to a rocky start. As I tried to mortar Titan's infantry, 2 of my 4 mortars were knocked out by incredibly accurate counter battery fire. In one case, his spotting round from probably 800 meters away scored a direct hit killing my entire mortar team and its ammo bearers with just 2 mortar shells.

My surviving 2 mortars, however, shelled Titan and caused 66 casualties as he tried to mass to attack me. Sadly, my mortars were ultimately affected by the "Mortar Bug" and I could not fire 44 HE rounds that I had scavenged from the bodies of my dead mortar men.

Titan shelled me with 155mm artillery fire. However, most of this fire was blind and hit areas where I did not have troops. Nonetheless, the sheer power of the 155mm fire inflicted 14 casualties.

Titan first attacked my far right flank. As his troops massed on the other side of a hill, they were mauled by mortar fire. Those who got over the crest of the hill were beaten back by my reverse slope infantry. Titan used some light mortars to inflict light losses on me, but my far right held despite the fact that Titan had a huge numerical superiority here.

Titan then moved to the center. Again, I mortared Titan as he approached one village objective. I then let him control half of the objective because it was set up in a way that I could set up a powerful reverse slope defense and just bludgeon him at close quarters as he tried to attack. Titan fed troops into this meat grinder and they died by the dozen. A Titan Stuart played a cat and mouse game with my Panther and was predictably destroyed. In the end, the center held with very light losses. Titan suffered heavy losses in return.

Titan then moved to my far left which was his most successful attack. My Panther on this flank did a miserable job. It seemed to miss every shot that it took at Titan's infantry. My left also absorbed a lot of 155mm artillery fire and was shelled by heavy tank fire. I used buildings to shield my boys from the worst of the tank fire. Nonetheless, about half of my left flank infantry was ultimately hit. My infantry that did survive, however, did an amazing job of cutting down Titan's infantry as he tried to get into the objective buildings. Time and time again, as Titan's men entered these buildings, my infantry threw them back out with their MP44s. Some fire from Panthers across the map also aided in the defense of my left flank. At one point, I was unable to directly see an M36 Jackson that was threatening my infantry. But I could see a patch of ground very close to the M36. My Panther shot the ground around the M36 and immobilized it and then killed it with area fire. However, Titan copied my tactics and area fired at the ground around my Panther immobilizing it.

My poorly performing Panther completed his poor performance when he engaged a US 76mm Sherman frontally. The Sherman managed to put a round on the raised cupola periscope ring and get a fluke top penetration that killed my Panther. Again, fire from other Panthers across the map took their revenge and KO'd the Sherman.

But my left ultimately held.

At this point, Titan had expended all of this 155mm artillery and lost all 5 of his tanks. So he surrendered.

I lost 43 KIA and 32 WIA. 1 Panther was lost. 130 men and 3 Panthers survived the fight.

When Titan surrendered, he had lost 163 KIA and 90 WIA. All 5 of Titan's tanks and 3 other vehicles were destroyed. 328 of his men and 1 M20 scout car survived the fight and were admitted to my digital POW pens for brutal interrogation.

An interesting fight. Titan had a lot more men that I did, but my positions were rock solid with overlapping fields of fire and defenses that were shielded from direct fire.
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