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FGM Company Sergeant Major
Mar 1, 2017
Winner Nemesis

Loser Titan

Was The Result A Draw? No

Combat Mission Version CMBN

Comments Titan asked for third game with me. I was happy to oblige. I was attacking Titan on a map that was basically a never ending series of hedgerows.

In my first 2 games, I fought Titan with overwhelming armor. I figured that this past experience would cause him to spend his points lavishly on Anti-Tank assets. To counter the expected heavy AT defenses, I went with overwhelming artillery/infantry. Thus, I attacked with 1 Sherman Rhino, close to a battalion of veteran US infantry, 2 FOs, and a lot of heavy artillery.

Titan's defending infantry numbered about a battalion and again outnumbered my attacking infantry (he had 423 men to my 386). Titan's men were backed by 3 Marder IIIMs and a number of HMGs, Panzerscreks, and 81mm mortars.

Ultimately, Titan's men were decimated by my artillery. Almost half of Titan's losses (410 total casualties) came from my artillery with my 2 FO teams inflicting 170 total casualties.

In the final tally, Titan's men lost 261 KIA, 147 WIA, and 2 MIA. 13 of his men survived the battle only to surrender to my attackers. The 3 Titan Marder IIIMs were also KO'd. Two Marders were destroyed by bazooka/rifle grenade hits from my infantry and 1 Marder was directly hit by artillery.

I lost 86 KIA and 92 WIA. My Sherman immobilized very early in the game when its tracks were broken by a hand grenade from a Titan sniper team (of all things). 208 of my men survived the battle.

Overall, I achieved a 2.3 to 1 kill ratio as the attacker in hedgerow country. Not too shabby!

Good game Vaughn!

Titan wants to try a fourth time for a win. I will be defending on the same map.
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