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FGM Company Sergeant Major
Mar 1, 2017
Winner Nemesis

Loser Titan

Was The Result A Draw? No

Combat Mission Version CMBN

Comments My 4th battle with Titan in response to his "Heavy Hitter / I Need More Scalps" challenge. I was defending a hedgerow map (CMBN map 127) with the Germans in a mirror of the game we had most recently played.

Titan's Americans fought a damn good battle and nearly won. His game play is getting really, really impressive. This was an epic fight for the ages!

I had just played Titan on the same map and used a heavy artillery / TRP strategy against him. I expected him to do the same to me.

As a result, my strategy was to thinly man my front lines and defend in depth. I put out my own TRPs and had many on-map mortars. If a part of my line failed, I would either fall back to the next hedgerow line or counterattack to restore my original line with 2 JPZIVs assault guns and infantry. My on-map mortars would pound enemies if they massed against me and I could dial up the mortar pressure if a section of my line was failing.

Titan WAS copying my strategy and attacked my right flank. He had a couple of Shermans (1 75mm and 1 105mm), 2 Stuart Rhinos, 2 M8 Greyhounds, an M20, an M16 AA HT, some Jeeps, and 2 heavily reinforced companies of infantry. It also became clear that he had a couple FOs, a lot of TRPs (which seemed to cover the far right side of my defense), huge amounts of 105mm/60mm off-map artillery and 2 81mm on-map mortars also firing at TRPs.

My right flank men in forward positions were hit by 105mm and 60mm barrages and killed. I would then feed more men into the line and also return Titan's artillery fire with my with 81mm mortars. The battlefield quickly started to look like old US Civil War photos with heaps of dead soldiers on both sides. Fresh soldiers would grimly come forward to assume positions strewn with their dead and wounded comrades until they were killed themselves. This cycle repeated endlessly.

Because I manned my lines thinly, the front would collapse from time to time. My Jadgpanzers found themselves counter-attacking to restore the line or moving forward menacingly to keep Titan's armor at bay. The downside of this is that heavy artillery landing around the Jadgpanzers was damaging their tracks. It also put me in bazooka range to Titan in some cases. This would tell later in the game.

For a long time, I thought that Titan would run out of time and/or artillery and I would win the game. Titan kept killing my front line infantry with artillery and I would shove more men into the front line meat grinder. Titan's men would also move forward and get pasted by my 81mm mortars. The problem was that Titan's 105mm howitzers were way more powerful than my 81mm mortars. This was balanced somewhat by Titan having to move outside of cover as an attacker. My men also had the amazing German MG42 to help them.

When Titan's artillery did not stop for an entire hour, I started to get alarmed. My right flank was getting thin. This forced me to move reinforcements from my left flank to shore up my right flank.

Titan saw this and shifted forces TO my left flank to put pressure there. A tank and an Greyhound also went over and forced me to shift my entire AT defense to counter him. This divided my AT defense between the right and left flank. I struggled to find ways to keep Titan from flanking my assault guns. Titan also "echo located" some of my mortars and got some revenge on them with a nice 105mm barrage.

At one point, I had to break contact and fall back to my next line of defense. The problem was that I was now in close combat with Titan. My mortars opened fire at a high rate and my JPZ IVs again counterattacked to give me some breathing room. Hence, in a slick move, I was able to break contact and fall back with no losses.

At about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I got some bad news. My mortars had run out of HE ammunition. The good news was that I had about 70 mortar men and they were now freed up to act as riflemen. It was these mortar men fighting as riflemen that would ultimately win the battle for me.

Titan saw that I was reinforcing my front line from rear lines and started shelling my rear areas. Now my men were being killed before they even got to the front line. Sometimes they were caught in the open by artillery while they were moving forward. Things started to get really desperate. Titan was still killing me with artillery and my mortars were out of ammo. I could not hit back. My infantry was forced to back to a third line of defense.

Most of Titan's armor was still alive with 15 minutes left to go in the game. He only had lost his AA HT and an M20 scout car. Lucky for me, his 2 Stuart Rhinos immobilized as they broke through hedgerows.

At one point, an M8 Greyhound and a Sherman were facing off with one of my JPZ IVs. If my assault gun challenged the Sherman, the Greyhound would shoot me in the flank. So I just left both AFVs alone. But when the Greyhound suddenly pulled back, I seized the opportunity and attacked the Sherman with my JPZ IV. Unfortunately, the front glacis of my JPZ IV took a series of bazooka hits knocking out my main gun. I had thought that I killed these particular bazooka men and they made me pay. On the same turn on the other side of the map, my other JPZ IV immobilized while moving on flat terrain (admittedly its tracks were already badly damaged). Worse, the immobilized assault gun was in a nearly useless position.

My infantry was barely hanging on going into the last couple minutes of the game. At this point, Titan shoved all of his men forward in a final "do or die" attack. Unfortunately for me, the objective village I was defending was huge in size. If Titan got just ONE rifleman into the objective, he would dispute it and the game would end in a draw.

To my horror, Titan's 2 Shermans and 2 Greyhounds were able to pass right through my infantry even though my men were liberally armed with Fausts and Screks. A couple vehicles just drove right into the objective village on both the right and left flanks. Titan's trailing infantry was stopped cold except for one straggler (so funny!) who, in a fluke run, got into past a wall of German infantry and into the huge village objective.

We were now in overtime. The game could end on any turn. I had to remove Titan's armor and his single infiltrating soldier from the objective village. Hence, I had to thin my (already thin) front lines even further and send infantry to back hunt the armor/ fluke straggler contesting the huge objective village. At the same time, my hard pressed infantry had to continue to keep Titan's infantry out of the objective village.

To bring a long story to conclusion, the game ended after 5 minutes of action-packed overtime. My rear area infantry was able hunt down and kill 2 M8s, 2 Shermans, and Mr. Fluke in the objective village. At the same time, my front line infantry was able to stabilize the front lines just enough to keep Titan's infantry out of the objective. All in all, I got VERY lucky. If the game had ended in overtime turns 1 to 3, Titan would have disputed the objective resulting in a draw. Also, if the game had continued, Titan might have gotten another rifleman into the objective.

In the end, 82 Titan soldiers survived the battle. 248 of his Americans were KIA and 142 WIA for 390 total casualties. Titan lost 2 tanks, 4 AFVs, and 2 Jeeps.

52 Nemesis soldiers survived the battle. 191 of my Germans were KIA and 88 WIA for 279 total casualties. My 2 assault guns survived the fight, but both were badly damaged as described above.

Well done, Titan!
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