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Alien Heat

FGM Lance Corporal
Feb 6, 2019
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United Kingdom
Turn Rate
3-5 pw
1 game.
Winner: Alien Heat

Loser: toXiczen

Was The Result A Draw? No

Combat Mission Version: CMBS


Quick Battle: A Russian(Alien Heat) attack against a Ukrainian (toXiczen) defense of the notorious Donetz Airport using the excellent and detailed map posted by Snake_Eye in the The Scenario Dept 3, Black Sea Maps.. The Russian objectives are the Airport Terminal,The Control Tower and Spartak, the VP and objectives are clearly defined on the map. Snake_Eye recommends to ' select at least 1 hour playing time, since the units moving on the map 4550 X 2700 size will take some time to move to their defensive spots and or deployment area if they are attacking'. Heeding this advice one hour thirty minutes was placed on the clock however the confrontation ran out of time before a decisive conclusion was reached, possibly been due to my cautious movements out of the deployment zone into the Forward Defense Line and toXiczen concentrating the bulk of the Ukrainian defense in the lower section of the map(Airport Approach, Airport Terminal ).

Comments: From the Russian perspective non of the attacking options were particularly inviting and losses were going to be high despite the darkness and appalling weather conditions. I elected to try and take the high ground and buildings of the The Forward Defense Line and use them for cover for a frontal assault axis while at the same time sending an expeditionary force to Spartak.

Highlights (For Me): Investing in a Tunguska which turned out to be worth its weight in Rubles as it consistently deterred the Ukrainian ground attack planes from unleashing their payloads. Taking the Spartak object after an exciting, tense battle of house and woodland clearance with a cat and mouse duel between opposing armor. I can only apologise for yelling 'This is Spartak' as the last defending tank was taken out.

Lows(For me): Russian, infantry, recon vehicles and BMP's constantly running into minefields not to mention armor bogging down forcing me to use the field tracks both of which either restricted my movements or slowed the tempo of my attack.

Taking Stock: As toXiczen pointed out it was a pity that there had not been more time and I whole heartily agree. As the game ended the Russians had almost reached the approaches to the Old Terminal. I was trying to regroup my forces while waiting for a Ukrainian artillery barrage to lift and mine to go in, screen against a counter attack ,use the remaining Spartak assault force to make a flanking attack across the airport runways at the Control Tower and press home the assault on the Airport Main Terminal. From the After Action Report it was clear that the Ukrainians still had plenty of material in reserve and in good defensive positions, although the Russia forces had been weakened a potential final outcome was by no means clear, all in all very disappointing that the final assault/defense didn't get to be played out.