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FGM Company Sergeant Major
Nov 8, 2017
Reaction score
New Zealand
Turn Rate
6+ pw
5-8 games.
Winner Titan

Loser panzerfreak

Was The Result A Draw? No

Combat Mission Version CMRT

Comments This was the second part of a Mirror Engagement, This time I am the Soviet attacker in a huge assault on a huge map. Panzerfreak was defending as German.

The map was lots of wide open spaces with many wheat fields and a few wooded small hills or mounds with the defender pretty much having to defend a large town.

I decided my Strategy was going to be in true soviet fashion...My OOB I kept rather simple with the focus on large numbers with the intention to drive forward quickly and being in a position where losses weren’t going to affected me too much. I bought 2 Battalions of Inf and Coy of SMG......6 JS2 and x8 T34 85's x 2 T70's light tanks and 3 AC plus a forward observer with 300mm rockets.

I set up right on the front line.

Battle opened up with a German 75mm pac AT gun taking out x2 T34's first turn.. ...Never the less the rush forward began. Enemy Mortar fire got a lucky hit and took out my Forward observer rendering my 300mm rockets unless. In the early stages things got off to a bad start. Both the T70's also fell prey to AT guns. It got worse I started losing men in big numbers to Long MG fire and Artillery strikes.... However as the Assault continued, and as the range closed it was much easier to spot enemy units and when discovered I could call in Battalion Mortar fired and take out or suppress enemy units. As time when on I advanced as far as I could. These small hills became key areas that restricted my advance. The range was far enough that made my SMG teams ineffective and it became a long process engaging German Units in long range small arms fire. I could not ignore them as he had a tiger tank that was using them for cover and was starting to take a toll on my armoured force. Basically things got bogged down. I called in 3-4 sniper teams into my small wood hills I controlled to engage the Germans. It worked. Over time they were picking off the defenders...I could see he was pulling men away from the defence of the village to reinforce these key areas....but I was quite happy to engage with snipers as the where consistently picking of 2-3 Germans each turn. I could feel him weakling in these areas so I unleashed infantry assaults and over run the hills quickly and managed to cut down many Germans that where already enroute to reinforce. I eventually worked my way to within striking distance of village and was ready to pounce. Several JS2s moved up to engage his tiger which by this time had taken a terrible toll on my armour, x2 JS2 and a T34/85 manage to put the tiger to rest. At this point I had plenty of time left but decided to unleash a final assault. I lost many men and several tanks advancing through the wheat fields where it was very difficult to spot enemy...However despite my heavy losses my enemy had also been very heavily attritioned with many not being able to outrun my rapid assault. My numbers in the final stages became overwhelming that the obvious was certain with my enemy surrendering his last few men.Screenshot 2020-03-22 21.14.30.png