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ADDED TO LADDER New Ladder Report Submitted

Drifter Man

FGM Company Sergeant Major
Apr 26, 2020
Melbourne, Australia
Winner Drifter Man

Loser Ibex

Was The Result A Draw? No

Combat Mission Version CMBN

Comments QB meeting engagement in bocage country, September '44, the second of two mirror battles.

Two companies of armored panzergrenadiers (keeping only a few halftracks) and two platoons from a mixed tank destroyer company (4 x StuG III, 4 x JPz IV) vs. a company of U.S. airborne, a few tanks (Stuarts & 105mm Shermans) and lots of artillery from 60mm to 155 mm. After the initial contact the artillery hit hard on my forward elements on my left flank, but my reserves quickly defeated the assault that followed the barrage. Meanwhile I inserted my troops at the crossroads objective in the center of the map and expanded my foothold from there. Ibex surrendered after an hour of fighting when it was clear that my hold of the objective is too strong to be contested.

The tank destroyers did a great job here by denying the map to my opponent's armor - but were much less useful for direct support of infantry. Limited supply of HE and apparently unable to use MG when buttoned up.

Good game @Ibex