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Coaxial Puppet

FGM New Member
Nov 2, 2020
Maryland USA
Winner Coaxial Puppet

Loser Bill

Was The Result A Draw? No

Combat Mission Version CMBN

Comments QB Meeting engagement map 2019 Bocage Village 401m.btt

July '44, A clear, dry day.

Bill commanding his German troops clashed with myself leading the US in bocage county. The main objective was the town in the center of the map with 4 other minor objectives. My troops were able to beat the Germans to the main objective and start setting up a defense. We both received some bad intel as neither of us seemed to have brought any bocage busting capabilities and limited our avenues of approach.

Bills was unable to move into the main center town and took heavy casualties doing so.

There were quite a few instances of catching each other out in the open and causing havoc from the other side of the hedgerow.

On my left flank we sat trading causalities due to our limited approach. Bill attempted to go around on my right flank and caused some significant casualties but eventually took causalities of his own and his attack seemed to stall.

65 minutes later the battle ended with a US major victory.

US army with 334 men ok, 53 kia, 46 wounded and 2 tanks lost.
The German army had 87 men ok, 113 kia, 75 wounded, 5 missing, 2 tanks lost and 4 armored vehicles lost.