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ADDED TO LADDER New Ladder Report Submitted


FGM 2nd Lieutenant
Oct 31, 2019
Western Australia
Winner Stafford

Loser Drifter Man

Was The Result A Draw? No

Combat Mission Version CMBN

@Drifter Man and myself squared off in a medium sized meeting engagement, parameters were light armour only (no guns over 50mm, short 75s excepted), my standard 'typical' quality setting, and no off map assets.

I brought an infantry battalion pared down to a couple of companies and mortar support, along with three Stuart tanks and a Daimler armoured car against Drifter Mans reinforced Aufklärung company, two 37mm AT guns, three 'Puma' armoured cars and a 20mm equipped equivalent.

Drifter Man took control of the objective early, I elected not to contest and the bulk of my troops remained in their start positions, the idea being to wait for him to take the objective then unleash the God of War to thin down his numbers and attack in strength after that.
Unfortunately while it was apparent that some of his forces were on the objective, aside from the buildings it was hard to tell where they were - this map has LOT of bushes at ground level causing LOS to be tricky at the best of times. While probing up the right of the map one of my Stuarts was taken out without even being able to spot the attacker, and it became apparent that he had more armoured guns than I did, having to attack over open ground against three concealed 50mm guns didn't seem like a winning proposition so a change of tactics was in order.

I had snuck a couple of my recon squads onto the edge of the objective and I figured if I can whittle down his forces with my ample mortar supply I may be able to deny the objective and win on casualties alone, while this amounted to an hour long game of whack-a-mole this is pretty much what happened. Drifter Man obviously knew I may have snuck troops onto the objective at some point, but due to the long wheat was unable to confirm the precise location and hit the general area with mortars in the closing minutes. One direct mortar bomb hit wiped out one of my squads on the objective in a single strike, but luck held for the others, despite enduring several minutes of intermittant mortar fire, injuring all and wounding one, alternating between shaken and rattled, they held on long enough to nullify the objective.

Finally after several tense minutes of overtime where mortars of smoke and HE were being thrown around by both sides, I just eked out a win on casualties alone. TBH I didn't think I had caused as many as I did, and was expecting a draw. Also, and as I stated to Drifter Man after the battle, this is why I'm not a fan of large CP zones, he clearly held it with much stronger forces but a couple of my guys cowering on the edge was able to deny him the points. Smaller CPs where the ownership of it has to be directly challenged and there can be no doubt of its control would lead to a clearer outcome.

Thanks again to @Drifter Man for the battle, we will lock horns again soon! (y)

Combat Mission Battle For Normandy Screenshot 2021.03.13 -
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