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ADDED TO LADDER New Ladder Report Submitted


FGM 2nd Lieutenant
Oct 31, 2019
Western Australia
Winner Stafford

Loser EngageWithZorp

Was The Result A Draw? No

Combat Mission Version CMBN

The second of the mirror matches between @EngageWithZorp and myself on Rhone Valley.

In this attack I brought an infantry battalion, multiple buses (Bedford QLT TT) for quick movements, and eight Churchills of various types. Along with the organic mortars of the battalion I also had 2x 25 pounder and 1x 81mm off map support.
EWZ brought an infantry battalion, a Panther, a Jagdpanzer, and multiple trucks and kubelwagens.

As with the first game we had agreed on no mines, but I still felt that getting across the river would be the key to victory. To this end I laid down heavy smoke and preparatory barrages while my Churchills charged the main bridge followed closely by two platoons in buses. This went very well and my forces crossed the river only taking some casualties from a fire mission laid down on an obvious TRP point.
While pushing forward from this position the Panther made its presence felt, cresting a ridgeline and taking out two of my Churchills in quick succession, despite taking a few undamaging hits EWP decided not to push his luck and pulled the Panther back. I rushed one Churchill over the crest after it in an attempt to get around behind it but the Panther was quicker and another dead Churchill.
This tank now became the primary focus of the battle while the remainder of my infantry was ferried across the river by the surviving buses. Later in trying to set up a pinch on the Panther, one Churchill that had been sent around the flank fell victim to an AT gun, which was in turn destroyed by mortars.
A long and gruelling battle of attrition followed, EWZ maneuvered his infantry well, often falling back multiple times to set up new ambush positions. However the sheer weight of my supporting fire took its toll and over the course of time it was becoming clear that his infantry forces were thinning out.
Finally after sneaking a PIAT team carefully into position I managed to get several hits on the Panther and forced the crew to bail out, with this done my infantry pushed hard on it to ensure it could not be remounted - more PIAT shots later killed it for good.

Recognising that the writing was on the wall, EWZ made a final push with his infantry and Jagdpanzer, resulting in a turn long duel between the Jp and a Churchill, with both tanks bouncing each others shots several times, finally the Jp scored a partial penetration which killed a crewmember in the Churchill and forced it to pull back. The other Churchill in the area attempted to get a flanking shot on the Jp but apparently the commander had recently returned from eye surgery and hadn't removed the bandages yet.
Despite this, the next turn yielded two PIAT shots in the arse for the Jp, destroying it. This done, EWZ offered his surrender.

Combat Mission Battle For Normandy Screenshot 2021.03.20 -

I'd like to thank @EngageWithZorp for the games, both were very challenging and we will do battle again very soon! :2draw:
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