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ADDED TO LADDER New Ladder Report Submitted


FGM Company Sergeant Major
Mar 1, 2017
Winner Nemesis

Loser Coaxial Puppet

Was The Result A Draw? No

Combat Mission Version CMBN

Comments I was probing Coax on an odd map. 3 open village-farm objectives surrounded by forests on all sides. Any movement of armor toward the open village objectives could result in flank shots on the armor.

Therefore, I had to painstakingly clear the flanking forests with infantry before I committed my armor.

The forest battles went my way and my armor was committed later in the game.

In the end, the US Army fought nearly to the last man. Coax had 18 survivors, 141 KIA, 99 WIA, and 54 MIA. 5 Sherman tanks were destroyed.

The Nemesis Army lost 27 KIA and 33 WIA. 241 men survived the fight.

All in all, a good fight on a tricky map. I also highly respect Coax for sticking to the game when the going got tough. I wish more FGMers were like him.
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