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Official sign ups

Team USA or team World? To be a team USA member, you must be a citizen of the US. Everyone else is on Team World. If you have dual citizenship then It is your choice. I will count the people who signed up on my “warning order” post, but it wouldn’t hurt to sign up again on this post.
The requirement will be two games played simultaneously. CMBN and CMFB. I will release the scenarios tomorrow.....as usual they will be team mirrored. You can’t fight the same battle from both sides, but you will have a teammate fighting the same battle from the opposite side against another opponent. And you can communicate all you want. Stay tuned

Meat Grinder

FGM Brigadier
Ready to get it on! :cool:

You know, @MeatEtr , I kinda feel sorry for Team World, more than usual. They got some new guys, coming in, all fired up, thinking they might win this time. Then we have folks like C.C., trying to place his puss on the iron throne, lol. ;-)

Got you covered, CC. ;-)

Here be dragons.



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