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OSA class missile boat


FGM Lieutenant General
Oct 11, 2010
Castelar, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.
The OSA Class is a fast attack craft developed for the Soviet Navy in the 1960s. These craft are probably the most numerous class of missile boats ever built, with over 400 vessels constructed for both the Soviets and for export to allied countries. Two main variants were built: the OSA 1 which had box-shaped missile containers and the OSA 2 which had cylindrical missile containers.-


The OSA missile boats were designed to be a much better fighting vessel than the Previous Komar Class warship. The crew , numbering 11, was not large enough to employ all the systems. They were organized in squadrons of six units, because it was expected that every NATO destroyer needed two missile hits to be sunk, and this could be assured with 12 missiles.

OSA ships were bigger than the KOMAR class, with a mass four times greater, and a crew of 30. The OSA could achieve high speeds as they had three diesel engines capable of 12,000 hp, and 15,000 hp on the OSA II. All engines were linked to one propeller. The powerful engines allowed a maximum speed of 40 knots.-

The missile armament consisted of four hangars to protect them from bad weather. The missiles were controlled by a Garpun Radar, and ESM/ IFF Hig-Pole that allowed targeting even over the horizon, if the target emitted radar impulses. With all these improvements these ships were more effective. The survivability rate improved to 50%. The 12 missiles could be launched by only three ships. The sinking of a destroyer was assured using 12 missiles launched by only three ships, making the OSA vessels easier to coordinate and even cheaper than 18 Komars. As a result of these improvements, OSAs were without equal in the 1960s. Over 400 were made I the USSR, and another 120 in China.-

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