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[PEN & SWORD PRESS RELEASE] Germany in the Great War - The Opening Year

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Germany in the Great War - The Opening Year is the rst publication in a ve-part series by Josh Bilton that pictorially examines the Central Powers struggle for victory in 1914. From mobilisation, to annexation and occupation, this book illustratively details how the German and Austrian armies rapidly advanced on both the Western Front (WestFront), and to the east (OstFront). How Turkey, was driven back (following late entry into the war) by Russian and British forces at Basra, Doğubeyazıt and Köprüköy. And how at sea, despite a naval arms race, which had come to dominate the pre-war era, German and British surface craft largely evaded contact. Choosing instead to wage a war of attrition and blockade: a campaign that was to severely impact those on the Home Front. This superbly illustrated book is a valuable visual archive of the Teutonic, AustroHungarian and Ottoman efforts during 1914. Included within is a chronology of events, as well as, a detailed mapping of campaigns on all fronts. Accompanying this is over 500 photographs, many never before published or indeed seen in this country.

About the Author

Josh Bilton is a recent graduate of Kings College London where he studied the History of War. He lives and works in the United Kingdom.