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[PIC GALLERY] Railways & Trains

Leighton Buzzard as got it's Narrow Gauge Railway Network which is a big attraction encouraging people from all over the UK, The line was used for shifting sand away from the quarries, those who know Leighton will know that when you spoke about sand Leighton Buzzard was the place to get it from, All kinds for building and other industries......Now the line is used for pleasure.
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The Aerodynamic train of PLM was a fast train put in service by the Paris-Lyon-Mediterranean Railway Company (PLM) in 1937 and connecting Paris to Marseille at a speed of 140 km/h.
From our recent break in Devon........steam train at Paignton - we rode it to Kingswear and then took a short ferry to Dartmouth.........





On 2016, a wrecked locomotive was discovered after 106 years under Lake Superior.
Its the Canadian Pacific Railway Locomotive No. 694, in about 235 feet of northern Lake Superior water near the town of Marathon, Ontario, Canada.
Three men, each from Schreiber, Ont., died on June 9, 1910, when the freight train crashed into a rockslide that had covered the railroad tracks, sending the D10 steam locomotive, a tender car and several boxcars into the lake.
The locomotive rests at the bottom of Lake Superior's Mink Harbor, surrounded by a debris field created when the eastbound train crashed down the 60 foot ledge. Engineer Frank Wheatley, fireman E. Clark and brakeman J. McMillan died during the crash.

The Compiegne Wagon (which the armistice of November 11, 1918 was signed and was destroyed at the end of WWI), on 1950 the French manufacturer Wagons-Lits, the company that ran the Orient Express, donated a car from the same series to the museum: the 2439D is identical to its ravaged twin from its polished wooden finishes to its studded, leather-bound chairs. It is parked beside the display of the original car remains: a few fragments of bronze decoration and two access ramps.
Mémorial de l’Armistice, Compiègne, France.