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Question about arty spotters in halftracks


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Oct 10, 2017
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I noticed that when I have an artillery spotter that comes mounted in a halftrack, two guys will tend to dismount the halftrack and stay behind it on foot. I can order them to enter the halftrack again, and they do, but then very soon after, I find they are again outside.

Are these the actual spotters? They don't look different from any regular infantry.

Why can't they spot from inside the halftrack? It kind of defeats the purpose of the vehicle that they insist on getting out all the time..
Spotting dismounted from ground concealment is the usual Standard Operating Procedure for any indirect fire Forward Observation team of that era. Vehicles were just for transport and radio linkage. The first two reasons which come to my mind are:
1) Dismounted FO's are less exposed so that they and their vehicle can separately hide better from enemy observation and counter fires. Staying alive is a good thing.
2) The iron and steel of a vehicle can affect magnetic compass direction readings. This affects proper adjustments for getting subsequent rounds to hit the target.
There are likely more reasons I can't think of at the moment.
That makes a lot of sense, but it seems Graviteam has a problem with this.. Some further testing revealed they don't let me spot from the dismounts, only with the vehicle itself.
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