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Sorry, a lot of questions here. Most of them are related to CM’s coverage on Technology part.

1, The first question is an observation of the game from my limit experience. I noticed that in the game the American's Artillery PGM is relatively inaccurate compare to Russian/Ukraine's. My guess is M982 Excalibur and XM395 are built with GPS guide system (CEP 5m-10m) while the Russian and Ukraine one are Laser Guide (CEP 0.5m-1m), so there is an accuracy difference in the game and it is caused by different guidance system. Is this correct?

2, Then the next question is , in the game is there any Russian or Ukraine UAV has laser designator system that could support their Laser guide Artillery PGM? US side their UAV can definitely support Artillery PGM strike as the guidance is done by GPS.

3, Question number three is, does EW warfare strength have an impact on GPS guide PGM? In other word, does EW include GPS jamming?

4, Question number four: Does EW strength have an impact on ground radar, like searching/fire control radar on Tunguska? I have a great respect on Tunguska’s radar. In one of my game it picked up the RQ-11B as soon as it arrives, shoot it down with one bust of AA gun fire. Just wondering if my UAV could survive longer in a heavy EW environment.

5, Then the last question: Does CM simulate the Thermal Inversion at dawn and dusk (the rapid change of background heat should have a negative impact on the thermal imager/IR optics)?


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Oct 5, 2015
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Melb, Oz

I am very rusty on Black Sea, and have never played with the EW settings at all. However, part answer to question two is, no the Ukrainians have zero UAV's therefore none with a laser designation system. Which is why I never play H2H with drones allowed, as the Ukrainians are at a severe disadvantage without these.