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Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC

Just came out Nov. 6th. and been having a blast playing this. Anybody else buy this yet? I love western games, but the PC doesn't get many. Played both Call of Juarez games and a few others but this one from Rockstar is amazing. We didn't get the first game on PC, only consoles. Haven't played online yet, so much to do in single player. But will eventually be looking to form a posse and go rob some trains and banks. :D

Heres some pics, enjoy!




I see some of us bought the Steam version that was just released the other day. Sounds like a rocky launch again! I decided upgrading my SLI 770s to a RTX 2060 Super and love playing on max settings. Robbed a few horse carriages and trains so far. Played about a third of the main story campaign. Currently having a blast hunting animals for perfect hides for crafting. So frigging addicting! :D
The very first time I've ever seen this for sale.
Still on my wish list. Close to pulling the trigger (See what I did there?).
Next Steam sale will likely get my $.
Question: Did the PC controls help resolve the crappy console shooting mechanism?
Yeah its got solid controls on PC. Though I still think Rockstar could simplify some of the controls. If your familiar with GTA on PC then you'll know what I mean.
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