Roman Civil Wars -- the FGM Field of Glory II Campaign

This is just about ready to roll... I have reconfigured this into a THREE faction war (had several different map configurations and die roll determined which one to use) -- and also randomly assigned Faction Leaders and battle commanders to each side.


The RED faction, controlling Thracia, Macedonia, Asia and Pontus) is led by @Nelson1812 -- assisted by Legion battle commanders @Nathangun

The BLUE faction, controlling Britannia, Gaul, Pannonia and Italia (and thereby also Rome, however tenuously ) is led by @Wellsonian -- assisted by Legion battle commanders @Badger73 and @Mad Mike

The GREEN faction, controlling Hispania, Africa, Aegyptus and Syria is led by @enigma6584 -- assisted by Legion battle commanders @Bootie and @mcmortison

I have posted a seperate thread for the rules here:

To get things rolling:

1. Each FACTION needs to let me know where in any one of their provinces they want to deploy their first, free LEGION -- I will set up Conversation message threads with each faction for secretly communicating orders to me.

2. I will then announce where (or if ) a Barbarian incursion will happen.

3. Then FACTIONS will need to send me any naval builds/deployments they want to make (I will then play out any naval battles if there are)

4. Then FACTIONS send me their TURN orders for their LEGIONS... batttle and mayhem will follow.

Here below the part of the rules with the possible ACTIONS each side can perform in each turn:

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If you still need a battle commander, I'm standing ready (would have also played as a faction leader, but too late, unfortunately).

Yeah -- was waiting to hear from you (tagged you when I posted final rules and called for Faction commanders :) ) -- thought you lost interest... I can add you to a faction as battle commander.
Here we go -- start up deployments done.

Bad news up north -- the ALAMANNI Barbarian hordes are invading PANNONIA!


RED faction deploys their legion to province of Pontus, BLUE faction deploys theirs to Gallia and GREEN their legion to HISPANIA.

Time to send me your first set of ORDERS via the private message threads -- you each have the princely sun of TWO Action Points to play with . (I will play out the NAVAL deployments and (if any) naval battles first.

@Wellsonian @enigma6584 @Nelson1812 @Nathangun @Badger73 @Bootie @Mad Mike @mcmortison
First TURN orders processed ... and this how it plays out:


RED faction deploys new legions in THRACIA & MACEDONIA.

BLUE faction deploys one new legion in PANNONIA to fight the Barbarian incursion, and a fleet into the MARE OCCIDENTALE.

GREEN faction deploys a new legion into AFRICA province and a fleet into MARE OCCIDENTALE as well.

The ensuing naval battle results in a GREEN victory, who now control the MARE OCCIDENTAL sea zone.

There is only one battle in PANNONIA:

BLUE faction's General Badgerius LXXIII (@Badger73 ) has been assigned command of this battle to oust the ALEMANNI Barbarians out of the province. GM @Rico shall command the Barbarians, will set up this battle immediately.

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